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car tow bar Toowoomba

Who We Are

Pro Fit Australia is an Australian owned and family-run business that has been in the automotive industry for more than 30 years. Our team is composed of highly knowledgeable and trained professionals who can recommend and fit accessories for every type of vehicle. Check out the products and services we offer!

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Products and Brands

Pro Fit Australia offers quality vehicle accessories from trusted brands in the industry. Browse what we have available or get in touch with us if you’re looking for a specific part!

tow bar price Toowoomba car tow bar Toowoomba


Pro Fit Australia offers a variety of services related to installing accessories and auto electrical work on your vehicle. Head over to our Services page to learn about what we can help you with!

car tow bar Toowoomba car tow bar Toowoomba

Custom Fitouts

At Pro Fit Australia, we understand everyone has different ideas of how they would like to fit-out their vehicle. We know that what works for one may not work for the other, so talk to us today about your fit-out! As we can customise it to suit your needs.

Trusted For Installation & Fitting Of Tow Bars Based in GATTON

Why Choose Us?

At Pro Fit Australia, our team of experienced technicians strive to maintain a superior level of service. We attempt to ensure that our workmanship and quality product finishes meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. 


We work closely with our customers to achieve their required outcomes and attempt to make their experience with Pro Fit Australia a turnkey process.

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“Great business in the Gatton/Toowoomba region. We were quoted lots of prices to get a tow bar put onto our car and Pro Fit were easily the cheapest yet the quality was fantastic. Recommend these guys!”

Sally Hood

tow bar price Toowoomba

“Above and beyond the level of professionalism and friendliness I had expected for my towing needs. Excellent advice and all questions answered. Thanks to Mark and family for a truly competent and reliable local service!”


tow bar price Toowoomba

What You Need To Know About Getting Tow Bars in Toowoomba, Gatton and surrounds

Sometimes you may purchase a vehicle that already has a tow bar, but more often than not, people install it as an aftermarket accessory. The first thing to consider when acquiring a tow bar is how much weight you will be carrying. If you know that you’re never going to have to tow a caravan, then a smaller tow bar may suffice. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of only factoring in the weight of the trailer. Bear in mind that it will be heavier when you load your goods. Ignoring this crucial point can be a costly error. Every vehicle is different and the manufacture sets the limit, so best to chat with the experts at Pro Fit, so if you are looking for a Towbar give us a call and we will help them out with the right product for their vehicle?


Standard Towbar

Suitable for small to large vehicles and are rated up to 1,600Kg, standard towbars have a flat bolt-on tongue attached by two bolts.  (Fixed)


Heavy Duty Towbars

Heavy Duty Towbars have a square 50mmx50mm hitch (Removable).


Specialist Towbars

At Pro Fit Australia, we also cater for a range of towbars including: Standard, Heavy Duty and European Towbars

Pro Fit Australia’s Tips For A Tow Bar Installation near Toowoomba

Tow bar fitting and wiring is a highly technical task which is why you should only trust a professional with the job and a local one Ideally. You want to rest in the knowledge that your tow bar is safe, especially when you’re carrying a heavy load in a trailer or caravan.

Consulting with a professional means you have access to a wide range of tow bar options.

With Pro Fit Australia, you have access to proper advice about which type of tow bar is best suited for your car. Attempting to fit a tow bar without the correct knowledge and skills can lead to damage to your vehicle, which may prove costly.

Allowing a skilled technician to install the tow bar is a cost-effective option.

You can be confident in the Pro Fit Australia team’s ability to fit the part correctly and safely, preventing any mishaps while you’re on the road. And we have been fitting tow bars in the Gatton area for years!


We have over three decades of experience in fitting aftermarket parts for our clients in the Lockyer Valley /Toowoomba area and they appreciate our skills and knowledge. Contact us to discuss your tow bar requirements.

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car tow bar Toowoomba

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