Dobinsons Spring & Suspension established in 1953, is a 3rd generation Australian owned and operated famiyl business that designs, manufactures and distributes high quality suspension components and 4X4 accessories. Quality, service and design expertise are at the core of Dobinsons Spring and Suspension beliefs and allow Dobinsons to provide only the best suspension and 4X4 accessories to all parts of the world. 


Pro Fit Australia supply and install a range of Dobinson and Spring stock, from your standard Twin Tube Nitro Gas Shock Absorbers to MRR 3-Way Adjustable Shock Absorbers, we have you covered. 

Tough Dog 


Tough Dog has been "making tracks across the world'" since 1984, and have grown rapdily as a result of the excellent reputation their quality gear commands. Today, Tough Dog products are sought after the world over, and the distribution network spans 28 countries around the world. With some of the hardest conditions right here in Australia  to test out products, the gear that makes it to the market is a cut above the rest. 


Dobinson Spring & Suspension Tough Dog 4WD Suspension