Carbon Winch


Cabron Winch: 


The Carbon Winch is the newest brand on the Australian Market. 

Backed by KPD Industries, Carbon has spent four years developing this product to the point where it is now. They are highly confident it will fit your needs, whatever they may be. 

Carbon has spent time making sure all the little things have been addressed, fully sealed wireless receiver units, not just a split electronics box, rotating ring gear clutch making free spool engagement as easy as it can get, seals on all joins on this winch, making it as resistant to water and dust. Feel free to give our team a call to talk about this product. 


- Designed for Australia's conditions
- Fully sealed to resist water, dirt, and dust ingress into the motor, drum, and gearbox mechanisms
- Snatch block pulley included (Greasable pin) 
- Wireless remote control unit with lanyard - Fully sealed receiver unit 
- Rotating ring gear clutch for easy low drag.
- Now with the new Multi-Fit Fairlead, no need to worry about what suits your bullbar




Five-year Water Ingress Warranty 
Five-year electrical warranty on motor/ solenoid unit 
Limited lifetime gear train warranty 


The warranty does not cover or apply to: 


Removal or re-installation of the winch

Shipping costs of the winch to and from Carbon Winches Australia unless otherwise stated at the time of the warranty claim 

The finish of the winch 

The synthetic or wire rope 

The winch rubber and urethane seals


The warranty is void if the winch: 


Is used in any commercial or industrial use or application, or any hoisting application. 

If the minimum reccomended battery size requirements stated for that particular winch are not adhered to. 

Winches that have been incorrectly installed and wired. 

If the winch has been damaged by accident, abuse, misuse, collision, overloading, modification, misapplication, improper installation or improper maintenance or servicing. 


Carbon Winch Options 


12000LB Carbon Winch 

9500LB   Carbon  Winch 

4500LB   Carbon  Winch 

RUNVA Winches:

Runva was established in 1997 and rapidly grew into one of the biggest manufactures of winches sold worldwide. In addition, Runva has one of the biggest winch research and development plants, which allows them to produce the highest quality winches, including electric and hydraulic models.

Runva is a market-leading premium 12v or 24v winch brand. With an extensive range of 4X4 vehicle winches, compact winches, hydraulic and marine winches, and their smaller ATV winches, and more. Runva also offers a wide range of winch accessories and 4X4 recovery gear to help you out on the field.

Runva has designed and engineered their winches to the highest standards and can handle the demands of Australia's harsh outback environment.


Runva offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the winch.
The winch can have only been used as a recreational recovery winch.

The limited lifetime warranty covers against manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials on all mechanical components. Electrical components consisting of motors, solenoids, wiring, remotes, wire connectors, and associated parts have a limited five (5) year warranty. Steel cable and Synthetic Winch rope have no applicable warranty after initial use unless specified otherwise by Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited ( this will be at the discretion of Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited).

The warranty does not apply to the finish of the winch, normal wear and tear, and/or if the winch has been damaged by accident,
abuse, misuse, collision, overloading, modification, misapplications, improper installation, or improper service.


The owner will be responsible for removing the winch and returning it to an approved Runva service agent. All freight charges to and
from the repair agent must be paid for by the owner. If the fault is found to be covered under warranty, we will send the winch back to
the owner at our expense. Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited will not be liable for any installation costs.


At times it may be quicker to send out a part that is required to fix an issue, whether under warranty or not. If the problem is deemed to be covered under warranty, we will cover the freight to send the required parts out. Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited
will repair or replace any or all winch parts, which, after inspection, are determined to be defective and deemed under warranty. Runva
electric winches are intended for recreational self-recovery usage only. The warranty will be void if the winch is used in commercial or
industrial applications.


Runva Winch Distribution PTY Limited will not be liable for any installation or removal fees, whether or not the winch is under
warranty. The owner must pay for all freight charges relating to the warranty claim unless we agree to cover it.


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