Electric Brake System



RedArc's range of electric brake controllers provide ultimate safety when towing, offering a smoother trailer braking repsonse for 12V or 24V vehicle systems. Tow-Pro Eletic brake controller offers two types of braking in the one unti-proportional and user-controlled modes. With the addition of proportional braking modes, you can ensure accurate and optimal force is applied in repsonse to how hard yourt vehicle is braking. The Tow-Pro Elite also allows manual override where you see it. The Elite and RedArc's extended Tow-Pro range are designed to suit most trailer braking applications, require minimal dashboard space and are simple to operate. 



Baxters Control+ is a 12V 1-2 Axles, third-generation trailer control. Give yourself the ultimate trailer control with Baxter's Control+. Designed and programmed with the latest user-controlled braking algorithms specifically for Baxters, the Control+ will keep you in control at all times



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CURT trailer brake control options are world-class towing safety devices featuring easy installation and intuitive controls. Brake controllers offer smooth, precise stops, applying the exact amount of brake power based on the vehicle's momentum. 

Select from either the OEM-style dash-mounted Spectrum-2 or the compact proportion-based TriFlex brake controller. 

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